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Technology Information

AIBT works closely with clients and continually invests in technology R&D. For many years, we have sponsored international seminars in the field of ion implantation, and many of our research results have been published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). In addition, our technology research results have been applied to next-gen production capacity as well as to yield and quality improvements. Our release of the iStar, Pulsar Plus, and iBlazar series has been followed by intellectual property applications that internalize these technologies; moreover, our patents obtained in multiple countries also provide comprehensive protection for our clients.

Technology Publications

Study on the Influence of Implant Dose Rate and Amorphization for Advanced Device Characterization

The Influence of Dose Rate on Ultra Shallow Surface Dopant Profile

Novel implantation mode application in FinFET structure

Integrated divergent beam for FinFET Conformal Doping

Phosphorus Redistribution Caused by Electrical Deactivation of Phosphorus at Low Temperatures