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Evolving advanced manufacturing processes

Integrated with the latest ISO scan technology and a high-performance wafer transfer system, iBlazar adopts the industry standard, Liner Scan. The provided advanced high current and ultra low energy high current technology precisely controls angles and increases production capacity while being linkable to iPulsar Plus technology.

iBlazar possesses the highest wafer tile angle implantation ability and is a market-leading technology that simultaneously offers outstanding particle defect control and high vacuum performance. iBlazar achieves exceptional performance in high current ion implantation machines thanks to its leading technology and high production benefits.

iPulsar Plus

On equal footing with major global suppliers

iPulsar Plus is a single wafer high current ion implanter developed and manufactured by AIBT. Thanks to our ion beam technology craftsmanship, which has been perfected over many decades, iPulsar Plus has been successfully applied to mature semiconductor and advanced 3nm processes, making it critical for mass production in many domestic and foreign fabs.

AIBT elevates the quality of client’s products through the ion decelerator system’s outstanding energy pollution control, the point and line e-beam controller and scanning system, and the high specification particle defect manifestation ion implant system. Moreover, our wealth of experience in manufacturing processes offers clients outstanding cost benefits and competitiveness in both the conversion of manufacturing processes or expanding production capacity.


AIBT’s first generation prototype machine

AIBT’s first generation prototype machine is a multi-wafer ion implanter that utilizes highly efficient plasma source to extract and implant the necessary ions onto wafers through high voltage and high current. It changes the electrical properties of wafer surfaces and is an indispensable piece of equipment in advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes.