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Challenging the limits of cutting-edge manufacturing processes
Ultra low energy high current ion implantation equipment

In the field of high current ion implantation, ultra low energy (ULE) is the ultimate challenge in terms of controlling manufacturing processes. Integrating domestic R&D and supply chains, AIBT has partnered with world-leading clients to overcome the technical challenges of cutting-edge logic processes.

AIBT has been spending more than two decades developing advanced technologies in ion implantation equipment, as it is crucial in the front-end manufacturing process of semiconductors. This has allowed AIBT to become Taiwan’s sole equipment manufacturer of equipment related to the core manufacturing processes of semiconductors, elevating the company to the ranks of major global equipment suppliers.

AIBT has long been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of key equipment for front-end fabrication of advanced semiconductors.
In 2020 and 2021, AIBT received multi-year subsidies from IDB of MOEA to become a major supplier of global semiconductor ion implanters and increase the visibility of Taiwan’s self-manufactured semiconductor equipment on the international stage.
For more than 40 years, Hermes-Epitek (the parent company of AIBT) has continuously put effort into researching and developing equipment relating to ion beam, electron beam, and neutron beam and has showcased fruitful achievements.
AIBT was awarded the “General Enterprise Award.”The Golden Root Award is awarded by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Association.
AIBT Ion Implantation System
The AIBT ion implantation system achieves ultra shallow ion implantation depth, higher precision of implant dose distribution, and extremely strict limitations on implant angle. This allows it to meet the rigorous requirements of cutting-edge manufacturing processes for 3nm or below, while offering more flexible and efficient services.