Technical Publications

  • IIT DRdevice, 2014
    Study on the Influence of Implant Dose Rate and Amorphization for Advanced Device Characterization
  • IIT DRUSJ, 2014
    The Influence of Dose Rate on Ultra Shallow Surface Dopant Profile
  • IIT FlexFinFET, 2014
    Novel implantation mode application in FinFET structure
  • IIT iDBFinFET, 2014
    Integrated divergent beam for FinFET Conformal Doping
  • IIT Predistributionatlowtemp, 2014
    Phosphorus Redistribution Caused by Electrical Deactivation of Phosphorus at Low Temperatures
  • China Semiconductor Technology International Conference, Mar. 2011
    Process Characterization of Low Temperature Ion Implantation Using Tall Beam And Spot Beam
  • IIT Conference, Jun. 2010
    Ribbon and Spot Beam Process Performance of the Dual Mode iPulsar High Current Ion Implanter
  • IIT Conference, Jun. 2010
    Process Characterization Of Low Temperature Ion Implantation Using Ribbon Beam And Spot Beam On The AIBT iPulsar High Current
  • IIT Conference, Jun. 2010
    Implant Damage Studies with Different Implant Temperature by Spot and Ribbon Beam
  • IEDMS, 2007
    Improving Thermal stability of Nickle Silicide by Gemanium Ion Implantation
  • IIT Conference, Jun. 2006
    Chicane Deceleration – An Innovative Energy Contamination Control Technique in Low Energy Ion Implantation
  • IIT Conference, Oct. 2004
    The Effects of Energy Non-Monochromaticity of B11 Ion Beams on B11 Diffusion
  • IIT Conference, Oct. 2004
    Pad Angle Verification and Cone Angle Correction Method for Individual Rotatable Pads of a Batch Disk
  • Semicon Taiwan Seminar 2003
    Ultra-Shallow Junction Formation by Point Defect Engineering and Ultra Low Energy Boron Implants
  • IIT Conference, Sep. 2002
    Energy Contamination Control During Ion Beam Decelartion For Low Energy Ion Implantation
  • IIT Conference, Sep. 2002
    High Efficiency and Low Cost LINAC System Design Suitable for High Energy Ion Implanters
  • IIT Conference, Sep. 2002
    Plasma Flood Source for Intense Ion Beam Implantation
  • Applied Physics Letter, Dec. 2000
    Response function during oxygen sputter profiling and its application to deconvolution of ultrashallow B depth profiles in Si