iPULSAR PLUSUltra-Low Energy High-Current Ion Implanter

AIBT is dedicated to research and development of ion implanter beam line technology. We partner with the world's leading clients to co-develop the most up to date state-of-the-art doping processes, and challenge iPulsar Plus to meet the most severe technical criteria and future CMOS demands.

iPulsar Plus has not only succeeded in extending conventional beam line technology to 28/20/16/10/7/5 nm of process node, but has also matched, with better device results, other high-current ion implant tools that have been installed in 45 nanometer to 65 nanometer mass-production lines.

This mature technology can help our clients enjoy enormous cost savings in process conversion and capacity expansion. In the synergy of technology precedence and cost benefit, iPulsar Plus has factually implemented the ultimate performance of high-current ion implanters!

iPulsar Plus Video