ChicaneEC Free Solution

To meet specific ultra shallow junction implantation requirements, the ion beam must be decelerated from the extraction potential to an extremely low energy.

However, any potential energy contamination arising from the use of the decel mode is unacceptable in nanometer technology scenarios. In iPulsar Plus' unique chicane decel mode, the AMU and multipole magnets direct the ion beam to the chicane decel channel that can decelerate the ion beam current with an energy purity of 99.95%.

The Chicane decel mode has virtually eliminated high-energy contaminants from the ion beam while maintaining a high beam current level. Specifically, the chicane decel mode controls energy contamination below 0.05% and can deliver a 3mA Boron beam current at a 200eV energy level.

At 100eV the iPulsar Plus sets a record for delivery of a low energy 2mABoron beam current.

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