Accuracy Profiler

In order to control process characteristics, a proprietary device is designed to measure ion beam properties in advance of implantation execution.

It generates information regarding beam intensity, beam envelope and incident angle of wafer implantation. This information assures outstanding ion beam quality and provides feedback data for future process analysis and process fine tuning.

As the high quality beam current is secured, iPulsar's mechanical two-dimension scan system, integrated with a zero energy contamination ion beam, enables low energy implantation with truly uniform incidental angle across wafers and super dosage uniformity in micro-dimensions. Moreover, iPulsar Plus' standardized QUAD mode implantation can improve process uniformity in macro dimensions.

This means that not only dosage placement is remarkably well controlled within the wafer, but also variation of incidental angles across the surface of the wafer is not discernible. iPulsar Plus provides a combination of beam current and scan speed settings that offers implant dose rate optimization for implant damage control, a key concern when delivering a device with low power consumption and optimized performance.

Accuracy Profiler Video